Saturday, May 16, 2009

No.27: Top Dawg Radio

When I found this April 1965 hit chart on EBay the other day, it led to some serious eye strain and some research to figure out the Top 10 on this random date. First of all, notice the DJs pictured on the left. I can make out Charlie Brewer, Wayne Coleman, and Dave Hall. Maybe someone else will recognize some of the others. Nevertheless, let's countdown the hits:

Coming in at No. 10, Gary Lewis and the Playboys with Count Me In.

Our No. 9 hit of the week is The Race Is On by Jack Jones.

This week's No. 8 hit, Herman's Hermits singing Silhouettes.

You're listening to WTUP, Top Dawg Radio 1490 in Tupelo. Stay tuned as we count down the hits ...

Put those hands together and join us for No. 7, The Clapping Song by Shirley Ellis.

Still hanging in there at No. 6, The Supremes sing Stop In the Name of Love.

We'll be back with the top five songs in the land after these words from our sponsor ...

On the rise at No. 5, Marvin Gaye sings I'll Be Doggone.

Now The Kinks sing the No. 4 song in the land, Tired of Waiting for You.

This week's No. 3 hit, I'm Telling You Now by Freddie and the Dreamers.

The lovely Petula Clark sings this week's No. 2 hit, I Know A Place.

And now, the No. 1 song in the land: Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders doing The Game of Love.

Looking back on what were the top songs for a random week in 1965 is instructive. You won't remember some or most of these songs. And you won't understand how several of them could have ever been top songs. But for one ordinary week in our ordinary lives, they were the best. Our memories play tricks on us. We remember the highlights of our lives, and the ordinary weeks are just a blur.

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  1. I worked with Les Acree at WMC-AM in the mid 80's. He had success programming that station, then moved on to KIX-106 which left WMC in the dust.