Sunday, May 10, 2009

No.25: Vinewood 2

These days many people are foregoing land-line telephones in their homes in favor of cell phones. Think about how far we've come. Before there were answerring machines, before there were portable phones, before push-button phones, before phones even came in colors, all phones were black and had to be dialed. You didn't buy them, you rented them from the telephone company -- Southern Bell. If you had a second phone in your home, an extension, you paid double. And telephone prefixes had names. All Tupelo numbers began with Vinewood 2.

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  1. Our first telephone was made of metal not plastic and very heavy, and I'm old enough to remember when our number was three numbers and a letter; don't recall our number but it was something like 623J and since the phone had no dial, you spoke the number to an operator. We were, of course, on a party line.