Thursday, June 18, 2009

No.36: Kindergarten at Joyner -- Mrs. Megginson's Morning Class

I’ve been wearing bifocals for years, and I’ve never had the first problem adapting to them. Lots of folks do, however. For many it is a nuisance to have to think about which lens to look through: nearsighted correction or farsighted correction. My eyes are so bad that they naturally seek out the right correction.
What do you see when you look at this picture of Mrs. Megginson’s 1957 morning kindergarten class at Joyner? (She also had an afternoon class.) Do you see a bunch of little kids, some looking a little happier than others; or do you see an artist, an architect, an airline pilot, a lawyer, a doctor, a CPA, at least three school teachers, and the guy that makes the best barbecue in Tupelo? I suppose what you see depends on which lens you are looking through. I’m glad Mrs. Megginson, like so many of the other good teachers I had over the years, was able to see through both lenses.
By the way, the little boy in the fringed cowboy shirt writes this blog.

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