Friday, April 17, 2009

No.20: Sivad: Your Monster of Ceremonies

"a-Good Eeevening. I am Sivad, your Monster of Ceremonies"

In the 1960's Sivad began appearing on WHBQ-Memphis as the host of Fantastic Features, a late night (Saturday, I think) showing of old B movies of the "horror" genre. Tupelo adolescents of this era spent a lot of time discussing the most recent Feature, assuring one another that it wasn't all that scary, and laughing about how hokey Sivad was.

For more information about Watson Davis, Memphis theater owner, better known as Sivad, click on the following link:


  1. This one's for you, Proximo.

  2. You know, John, for its time Fantastic Features was every bit as good as Mystery Science Theater....

  3. I was parked in front of my TV every weekend for Fantastic Features. Later it moved to 10 PM and then midnight.
    It was seminal to my development" and love of old monster movies. (As a foot-note. "Savid was taken from the actor's name -Watson "Davis" spelled backward. The opening of the show was filmed in Overton Park and the music is from George Pal's, "Destination Moon."